We provide completely customized solutions which can be easily implemented. Right from the design to the shipment of the goods, we take care of each and every step focusing on complete safety of wearer.

The Process

Our team will make sure to provide a smooth and enhanced purchasing experience. Right from the fabrics to the trims and accessories, we will take care of it all. Typically, you would give us a blueprint of the product and the design in mind. We would then work out the most suitable fabrics according to the requirements. Be it Fire Resistant Clothing, High Visibility Clothing, or even General Workwear, we have got fabric partners all across the globe who would be helping us choose the right product. We would then move on to the sampling stage to create the product along with any customizations required. Once the sample is approved, we shall then proceed onto the production phase with proper quality management system. The entire process ends with delivery, with the most important aspect being the satisfaction of the client.

Special Services

- Full Service and Support

Our team will be constantly supporting you throughout the purchase process. From choosing the right fabric to sending multiple samples, we will make sure you are satisfied till the very end.

- Full Production In-House

Our entire production and customization is in-house. We have state of the art designing, embroidery, and printing machines which produce the sharpest of logos.

- ACI Workwear custom made

We are able to customize each and every piece of the garment. Due to our vast supplier network and production capabilities, we can produce the garment as you imagine it to be. Don’t like the reflective tape or want segmented tape instead? Want a different zipper? Require a heavier material fabric? Need any certifications for the product? We have got it all. We will make sure to support in each and every phase of the process.

Bespoke Workwear

In the competitive world, corporate image is very crucial to stand out from the crowd. Corporate clothing gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand outside your product and services and get the word out to the consumers. It also gives a sense of ownership to the employees which further increases their confidence and interest.Made to order styles has always been our primary focus. Our team is working consistently with brands and companies to create the ideal clothing that would suit their brand image and enhance safety and comfort. Need multiple colors? Want to add some reflective material? Require a few extra pockets? Want embroidery or printing? Whatever the requirement is, we have the ideal solution.